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Campaign: Tsunami-9/11 comparison for WWF

DDB Brazil created an advertising campaign for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) with quite an interesting theme. To express the brutal forces of our nature, the advertisements (video and print ad) compare the number of deaths of 9/11 to the number of people that passed because of the Tsunami a few years ago.


“The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11.”

A lot of people found this tasteless and complained to both WWF and the agency DDB. WWF stated they strongly disagree with this campaign, and that the advertisements were unauthorized:

WWF strongly condemns this offensive and tasteless ad and did not authorize its production or publication. It is our understanding that it was a concept offered by an outside advertising agency in Brazil. The concept was summarily rejected by WWF and should never have seen the light of day. It is an unauthorized use of our logo and we are aggressively pursuing action to have it removed from websites where it is being currently featured. We strongly condemn the messages and the images portrayed in this ad. On behalf of WWF, here in the US and around the world, we can promise you this ad does not in any way reflect the thoughts and feelings of the people of our organization.

The TV spot that accompanied the ad can be found by clicking Read more.

Via New York Times / Huffington Post

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