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The Fun Theory by Volkswagen (part 2)

This morning I came across some new viral videos from The Fun Theory by Volkswagen. The first blog on this new campaign was posted last week and can be found here.

The World’s Deepest Bin

Bottle Bank Arcade Machine (coming soon)

I guess more clips are coming soon. The website of the Fun Theory is here:


The Fun Theory by Volkswagen

Today I came across an interesting YouTube video, called The Fun Theory. The theory states that you can change people’s behaviour by making it fun to do the other thing.

The video showed a staircase in a metro station, with an escalator right next to it. People mostly used the moving staircase instead of the regular one. Goal of the experiment presented in the film was to prove that when you make using a regular staircase fun, people start doing it. Check out the video below, be sure to turn on your speakers.

Now, this looks like another viral movie that’ll be sent around the net for the next couple of days. But at the end of the film a web address was shown, which I immediately visited. I was asked to leave my e-mail address, because there was nothing there yet. I have no clue what to expect, but we’ll see.

The initiative is backed by Volkswagen, so I’m interested in what their role will be in all of this.

Check out the website of the Fun Theory by clicking here.

Campaign: Philips Vs.

Philips launched a new campaign a little while ago. They asked users to come up with challenges between products or people and a Philips product. The following video is an example of one of these challenges:

Communication mostly goes through their Twitter-account and webpage.

The concept of this campaign is quite similar to the Will It Blend? campaign from a while back. Users then were asked to come up with products to blend inside a Blendtec blender. These products varied from iPods to golfballs.

This campaign is pretty cool nonetheless and the viral effect is pretty big. It’s just too bad that there are only 2 videos posted yet.