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Case study: Skittles goes social

skittlesSkittles, the candy with the fancy colours, changed their website radically a while ago. They went ‘social’ all the way. Instead of creating a fancy flash website with static information they decided to turn their website into a portal for social media initiatives.

Excuse me, what did they do? It’s quite simple actually. When visiting their website you find a small menu hovering on the top left side of your browser. After you filled in your date of birth you’ll get access to the menu. When for instance you click on a product page, you’re redirected to a Wikipedia page with information. You want to see commercials or other videos maybe? You’ll be redirected to YouTube. Pictures are on Flickr. And what about the buzz on Skittles at this moment? A search on Twitter is just one click away. You can even become their Facebook friend!

This is a rather radical approach to providing product information and communicating with your audience. It might be quite risky as well for the brand itself, since almost all of the provided information can’t be controlled by people at Skittles. On the other hand it gives the power back to the people. People view pictures to Flickr that contain Skittles in one way or another, showing others a true user experience. Or consumers can read what other consumers think in a very honest and direct environment like Twitter and communicate with each other. The risk of bad reviews is obviously there, but it is small. When the product is good, the opinion of consumers is equally positive.

Go see it for yourself at