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How JamLegend could rock the world of music gaming.

jamlegendFirst there were Guitar Hero and Rock Band, two music games for almost every game console available. It was mostly a matter of time before these kind of games would make their way to the PC and Mac. It’s here now, but in an almost geeky way: with the use of a keyboard.

The game is called JamLegend and the best part is: it’s free to play and open for musicians. With the philosophies of both Jeff Jarvis in mind, this sounds like the music platform of the future. He believes that companies should make a platform for their users and then just back off. Make it work and let them have it, he says. By giving more power to the people, you’ll get more and more trust from the people. That sounds interesting, but in what way can bands and JamLegend benefit from the developed platform and what extensions can be made? Continue reading