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Campaign: Ikea Drömkok

This interactive campaign site has been around for a while. But just like the Philips Cinema 21:9 campaign, this one is still worth mentioning.

When you open up the site you get an interactive walk through four Ikea-designed kitchens. Walking through just one frozen shot of a scene in every kitchen makes it look spectacular. Every scene triggers different emotions like laughter, romance or happiness.

To be honest my Swedish is not that good. In fact, I don’t understand a word of it, but the site doesn’t need much translation to still get the experience. It’s just a wild guess that Drömkök means Dream Kitchen.


Ikea Drömkök can be found here.


Advertising: Everyone’s always stealing your stuff

NZI (New Zealand Insurance) promoted their insurance packages covering theft during the NZI Rugby Sevens held in Wellington in February 2009. The NZI tagline, “Everyone’s always stealing your stuff”, was brought to life using adshels featuring a pirate, a clown and a chicken, each in various stages of being undressed. Passersby were able to interact with the adshels by physically removing clothing. See the example below.

NZI Chicken Adshels

NZI Chicken Adshels

A number of variations can be found by clicking the link to the source.

The NZI costume campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand, by executive creative director Nick Worthington, deputy creative director Karl Fleet, creatives Daniel Nelson, Alexander Bartleet, account director Gemma Findlay, account executive Stefanie Robertson, and producer Gabrielle Buckle.

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