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Campaign: Philips Cinema 21:9

A while ago Philips launched a new campaign website for their new Cinema 21:9 TV. Developed by Tribal DDB, this campaign tries to show the difference between a regular 16:9 TV and the new 21:9 ratio screen. It’s not really a new campaign, but it’s so beautiful it’s worth mentioning after all this time.

According to Dutch magazine Adformatie, Tribal DDB won the Grand Prix in Cannes for this campaign.

The website shows a short film (runnig time: 2:19 minutes) of a single moment in a big bank robbery. In the film you walk right through the frozen scene. You can scroll back and forth in the scene and see a few making of-clips. You can also switch from 16:9 to 21:9 to see the difference.


The details make this film really worthwhile. The flying glass you slide across when someone’s falling through a window. People just hanging in the air, together with things they just dropped to the floor. Too bad this can’t be watched in full screen (without the borders of the TV around it).

The campaign can be found here: