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Excuse me, do you sell Coldplay albums?

For the past two nights Coldplay played sold-out concerts in my hometown Nijmegen. They played in a huge park, for about 30.000 people per night.  Since it’s quite a hassle to get to the venue by car, a lot of people took the train to Nijmegen Central Station.

I bought tickets for the second show (September, 10th). Because I had to go to school all day I arrived back at Nijmegen Central Station at around 5 pm. The station was pretty crowded at that time, since the concert would start at around 6 pm. There were large queues everywhere, at the ATM at the various fastfood places and so on.

One thing struck me as very weird. A CD store from Dutch chain Free Record Shop is located at the train station. Since the station was packed with Coldplay fans I expected one thing and one thing only: Coldplay albums! But there were none. Not on the stands on the outside of the store at least. Hello? Aren’t retailers supposed to make money? I really expected them to jump into this and promote Coldplay albums to the public, placing the albums on a notable place in the shop window and playing their albums all night long in the store.

There could’ve been one easy explanation: At the venue there was quite a big stand for selling merchandise. This maybe was arranged by Free Record Shop as well. When this store would also sell CDs, sales could be taken away from that store when selling CDs at Central Station prominently too. But there were only shirts, hoodies and so on.

Chris Martin sings “Nobody says it was easy”, but seeing opportunities like this isn’t that hard now is it?