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50 Extraordinary and Attractive Billboards

I came across this collection of 50 very creative billboards. Not just your regular rectangular shape, but something different that catches your eye. My personal favourite is posted below. I love how this one uses the environment, or the sun to be precise, to deliver a message.

The 49 other billboards can be found on a blog called 10steps. The blog post is located here.


Mass customization? Mars customization!


Walking through Nijmegen Central Station I noticed a billboard for a very curious product by Mars. I quickly took a picture with my phone, hence the bad quality of it. But you get the idea. What did they come up with?

mars2In the spirit of the personalised Mars packages from a while ago, telling the eater of the candy bar ‘good luck’ or ‘smile’, Mars now introduces blank candy bars with a sheet of stickers. You can use these stickers to customize a Mars bar with your own message.

On the left lower side of the billboard a sheet of stickers with the letters of the alphabet can be seen. The hand sticks another letter to the Mars bar. The text of the bar on the left reads “Good luck”. “Joris”, a typical Dutch name, is stickered to the other one. The copy at the bottom of the billboard tells you that this special Mars bar is available at a store at the station.

09/15/2009: Updated with a new picture.