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Ludwig Drums: Terrorizing Neighbours Since 1909

Ludwig Drums are celebrating a centenary of loud music with a print advertising campaign using the tagline, “Terrorizing neighbours since 1909″. An iced cake and a plate of soup each are used to portray the impact of deep vibration on the neighbourhood.

Ludwig Drums Cake

Ludwig Drums Soup

The Neighbours campaign was developed at Tillmanns, Ogilvy & Mather, Düsseldorf, Germany, by ceative directors Volker Kuwertz, Andreas Steinkemper, art director Marc Zinnecker, account director Birgit Gosda and photographer Michael Stemprock.

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Commercial: Lotto Lottery Wishlist

A man finds the wishlist he had made as a kid while searching for something in the garage. It takes him down the memory lane and he recalls the events like sleeping on the top bunk, having his art work misunderstood, performing in a school play etc which led him to make the list. In present he is seen to strike off two items from his wishlist, leaving “be the hero” and “be an astronaut” for the future.

Agency: DDB, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Deputy Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Copywriter: Toby Talbot, Paul Hankinson
Art Director: Gavin Siakimotu, Regan Grafton
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Agency Producer: Chloe Sutherland
Account Team: Andrew Stephenson, Jenny Travers, Mike Richardson

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Advertising: Kit Kat Fairy Tales

Two funny ads from Kit Kat showing an Red Riding Hood and Roadrunner. Credits are unknown.



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Advertising: Check Your Volume Levels

An interesting range of ads has been made by DDB New Zealand to prevent people from putting the volumes on their MP3-players too loud. The famous iPod-ads with the silhouettes and Apple ear buds have been an inspiration for this campaign.

Instead of focussing on the ear buds, by highlighting them in white, these ads focus on just the ears. The copy on the bottom reads: “Mp3 players do permanent danger to young ears. Check your volume levels at

Hearing Green Poster for NFD

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Advertising: Everyone’s always stealing your stuff

NZI (New Zealand Insurance) promoted their insurance packages covering theft during the NZI Rugby Sevens held in Wellington in February 2009. The NZI tagline, “Everyone’s always stealing your stuff”, was brought to life using adshels featuring a pirate, a clown and a chicken, each in various stages of being undressed. Passersby were able to interact with the adshels by physically removing clothing. See the example below.

NZI Chicken Adshels

NZI Chicken Adshels

A number of variations can be found by clicking the link to the source.

The NZI costume campaign was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand, by executive creative director Nick Worthington, deputy creative director Karl Fleet, creatives Daniel Nelson, Alexander Bartleet, account director Gemma Findlay, account executive Stefanie Robertson, and producer Gabrielle Buckle.

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