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Crowdfunding: The public knows best?

Are big investors still needed when it comes to publishing music or books? Why can’t you gather your fans around you and convince them to invest a small amount of money in your talent. If you become¬†successful, they make money as well. Everybody’s happy!

But what makes this concept of crowdfunding so brilliant? Are there other products or services that can be crowdfunded and how can this concept be successful time and time again?

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Public broadcasting is dead

Isn’t it a little weird? TV-stations decide for us when we want to see what program. The same goes for radio stations. Dial in at a certain time to hear your favourite talk show or DJ. Years ago that was a normal situation. Media broadcasted to the people, who ‘obeyed’ to them by keeping track of the station’s schedule and tuning in at the right time to not miss their favourite TV or radio show. Obviously people used video recorders to record programs when they couldn’t watch a program right away.¬†But still, it’s quite odd that we have to commit ourselves to a broadcasting schedule media companies create on programs they produce for us, the public.

Is this traditional model of broadcasting companies still sufficient, or are there other possibilities to enjoy media?

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Documentary: Us Now by Ivo Gormley

Imagine: a soccer team coached by 30,000 people. Would that be possible? You’d think it isn’t, but it is. In his new documentary ‘Us Now’ film maker Ivo Gormley shows us how new technology and media can change the bare foundations of decision making. Soccer club Ebbsfleet asks their community of 30,000 fans to vote for their perfect line-up, which is then being used in the upcoming match.

This example is just one of many that shows us that new technologies can make it possible to make decisions bottom-up. People have a stronger through the Internet, with blogs, polls, social networks and so on.

Politicians, or other people with power, don’t make decisions anymore. The public does, the documentary says. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be no government at all anymore. Critics say that there has to be some form of organization and structure to make things work, and provide in government funding to put all the plans to practice.

The movie can be seen for free via various channel. The trailer is posted below, as well as some links to places to watch the documentary. It’s worth checking out.

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