Commercial played live

Dutch telecom provider KPN had a number of successful campaigns for their youth brand Hi in the past. Their latest effort is a commercial that promotes the use of their online backup service to store phone numbers.

The commercial centers around a young black woman who loses her mobile phone. She totally freaks out as she realizes that by losing her mobile phone she also lost all her friends’ phone numbers. She starts looking all around town, yelling at her boyfriend that she needs to call and now can’t because she lost everyone’s phone number.

Things take an unexpected turn when the actors from the commercials that’s being played on the cinema screen show up in real life in the theater and start looking for the phone amongst the crowd.

To me this turn is quite brilliant, since the action is taken from the screen directly to the crowd. People can’t miss this, and the unexpected guerilla ending will generate buzz. People start clapping and making pictures right from the start, so it definitely got their attention.


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