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Video: All Time Low – Weightless

All Time Low is a pop punk band from Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland. The video clip for their latest single Weightless, from the album Nothing Personal, is pretty awesome. The song isn’t exactly my taste, but I came across it on MTV this morning.

In this particular video the thoughts of the people in the room pop up right beside them. The graphic design is very well done. It reminds me of the way tv shows like Heroes and Fringe use text inside scenes, not on top of them.


Power to the People: Ikea Hacking

A while ago a read the interesting book What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis. I wrote a post about how I saw his theories become visible in the world around me. I then wrote about podiobooks, but there are many other initiatives to which Google’s rules apply. Ikea Hacking is yet another example.


Ikea is one of the most well-known furniture companies in the world. On my blog I already mentioned two of their creative ideas, the assembly service charts and the Ikea Dr√∂mkok website. But this one’s completely different. To be precise, these ideas aren’t even Ikea’s.

Usually the term ‘hacking’ is immediately associated with computers and networks, in a negative way. But hacking is a quite generic term for changing stuff. Since Ikea is known for their do-it-yourself furniture, people really started doing it themselves and started hacking the original designs. They didn’t stick to the regular Ikea table anymore, but started making changes to it to make it their own unique piece of furniture. The table to the right is just one of the many examples. This table still is a table, but a lot of designs turn into something completely different then what they were meant to be in their original shape.ikeahacking

On the web blogs and communities started to appear around Ikea Hacking. The most influential are these two: a blog called Ikea Hacker and a subsite of DIY community Instructables called Ikea Hacks.

A lot of companies would now start complaining that their designs were being abused and changed, but that seems a quite an unnatural reaction to me. The Google philosophy starts to kick in right now. These sites offer an opportunity for Ikea enthusiasts to share their ideas. Ikea itself offers the ‘bricks’ for these redesigned pieces of furniture. They delivered designs unassembled, which makes it almost impossible to withstand the temptation of making alterations. The pieces of furniture are the actual platform, the communities are just there to share along ideas and suggestions and make contact with fellow Ikea enthusiasts.

Ikea could make great use of the many ideas their customers offer. Make improvements to original designs, make products useful for completely different purposes and reward the new ‘designers’ for their cooperation by taking these designs into production.

Documentary: Us Now by Ivo Gormley

Imagine: a soccer team coached by 30,000 people. Would that be possible? You’d think it isn’t, but it is. In his new documentary ‘Us Now’ film maker Ivo Gormley shows us how new technology and media can change the bare foundations of decision making. Soccer club Ebbsfleet asks their community of 30,000 fans to vote for their perfect line-up, which is then being used in the upcoming match.

This example is just one of many that shows us that new technologies can make it possible to make decisions bottom-up. People have a stronger through the Internet, with blogs, polls, social networks and so on.

Politicians, or other people with power, don’t make decisions anymore. The public does, the documentary says. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be no government at all anymore. Critics say that there has to be some form of organization and structure to make things work, and provide in government funding to put all the plans to practice.

The movie can be seen for free via various channel. The trailer is posted below, as well as some links to places to watch the documentary. It’s worth checking out.

Official website: /
Download torrent:
Watch online: /

The Magic of Sampling Music

Recently I came across an interesting video by a singer/songwriter called David Ford. He released a new video for his song “Go To Hell”, in which he showcased an interesting way of making music. He played the song by sampling a few chords of every instrument. Pay attention to the beginning, he starts the song off with a water boiler (no really!). Watch the video here:

In my head I immediately started going through my own music collection and thought of a few other artists who use this method of playing music with samples. Most of them do it only when they perform live and it sounds amazing. Suggestions to this list are obviously much appreciated.

Guerilla: CoolCat DanceBattle

CoolCat is a clothing brand for young adults. The brand launched a campaign for their DanceBattle, a dancing contest for young adults and teenagers. The campaign is very similar to the one Axe did with exit signs in public places.

In Dutch public transport the people displayed on warning stickers are transformed into dancers. The tagline reads “Dance is everywhere. The battle has begun at”

CoolCat DanceBattle: Train Stickers

CoolCat DanceBattle: Subway Stickers

Advertising Agency: Pink and Poodle, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Wencke van Amstel
Art Director: Daniel Samama
Copywriter: Tim de Waard
Published: October 2009

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