Film It Yourself: Kyteman at Pinkpop

Dutch hiphip artist Kyteman played the tent stage with his Hiphop Orchestra at Pinkpop this year. The Film It Yourself initiative invited people to videotape this show with their mobile phones and digital cameras, and then upload it to the FIY website. This resulted in a unique grid of different videos, which were uploaded to YouTube

Film It Yourself also made their own montage of all the footage that was available, turning into a full registration of the concert. That video can be found here:

The result is amazing, especially when watching the montage. It feels like standing in the crowd yourself, seeing the performance from all different angles.

This technique is not new though, Beastie Boys released a live DVD called “Awesome! I Fucking Shot That”, working with almost the same concept. For this particular DVD handycams were given to a group of visitors before the concert started.


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